Prescription Medicines

As a leader in developing and delivering medicines, Athiko has a comprehensive offering both geographically and in portfolio terms, plus a range of value-added customer and patient services. We offer a broad portfolio covering all major therapeutic areas, resulting in substantial savings and improved access to healthcare.

Athiko is the pioneer and global leader in comparable quality, safety and efficacy to existing medicines that introduce much-needed competition into this critical area of modern medicine. In addition, as the leader in medicine, we play a critical role in ensuring the sustainability of worldwide and indian healthcare systems. Antibiotics are the cornerstone of healthcare today. In addition to treating a wide range of infectious diseases, antibiotics are critical to guarantee patient safety during in-hospital medical procedures such as transplants.

Our broad offering translates into substantial and ongoing savings for patients and payors, which help to ensure the sustainability of healthcare systems in the face of significant budgetary pressures, while also freeing up funding for innovative medicines.