Working at Athiko

Athiko is uniquely positioned as a leader in its own right and part of the worldwide. As one of three industry-leading divisions that have innovation power backed by large scale, Athiko is an increasingly important driver.

Athiko is an increasingly important player in Market.

Our single greatest differentiator is our entrepreneurial culture and the quality and commitment of our associates. We combine the resources and long-term vision of a quality pharmaceutical leader with the energy, drive and flexibility of a start-up. Many of our top Associates cite this deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture as one of the main reasons they choose to work at Athiko.

Values and Behaviors

The company Athiko Values & Behaviors are key to creating a culture that is performance oriented but still focused on collaboration, inclusive leadership and innovation, whilst safeguarding quality and integrity.

Our company values are integrated into our Performance Management system to incentivise and reward a “values driven” performance.

Learning and Development

Athiko strives to provide a challenging learning environment for all associates across the organization. By investing in the development of our people, we fuel our current and future growth and reinforce our leadership in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our people development programs are focused on learning activities that have the greatest impact on associate development. This often includes experience-based learning activities that are complemented by standard class room trainings and workshops.

All of our learning and development activities at Athiko take place in a local, regional or national context, and are supported by a strong collaboration with , Athiko employees also benefit from the exchange of knowledge and sharing of best practices that occur across the different partners and associates business divisions.

We have an ongoing focus to develop people, so that they might progress their career and personal development, and ultimately grow our business. As a result, this is one of the key areas for which we hold our managers accountable, and why people management is a key objective of every Athiko Epmloyee.

At Athiko, we make certain that our people remain our most significant source of competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Performance Culture

At Athiko, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundation of our success, which we recognize depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our people. As a result, we believe in employing outstanding people, who individually and as a team deliver outstanding results.

Our annual performance management process here at Athiko reflects our dedication to the achievement of outstanding results. This process is implemented in all countries in which we operate, and applies to most positions in our company. At the beginning of each financial year, employees agree on objectives that they will be expected to achieve that year with their manager. These objectives support overall business priorities and are typically both individual and team-based.

Rewards and Recognition

The success of Athiko depends on the performance and dedication of each of our associates. We strive to be an employer of choice that attracts, develops and motivates talented and performance-driven people from all around the world.

A key element in building a winning culture is providing an environment where associates are recognized for their individual contributions and performance, as well as provided continuous feedback so that they might improve themselves and their performance.

We want to foster a culture where all employees feel an inherent responsiblity to also contribute to the growth of their colleagues, by providing them with constructive and forward-looking feedback, in alignment with the Athiko values and behaviours.